Today marks some history for me!

The first—and only—time I’ve sold an artwork of mine was in the 12th grade, to my high school principle. I’d painted a proposal for a public mural in town. When student council turned it down, Jay Hoffman made me feel like a million bucks when he offered $100 for my painting of the school embedded into the scene of Van Gogh’s starry night.

Today, twelve years later, I signed an agreement to license an illustration for use on a film set. And though the fee was nominal, again, I feel like a million bucks! Funny how these things happen. An email just popped up in my inbox: an Art Director in New York. She’d found Nina through a google image search and used it as inspiration for the art direction of the film. While negotiating the rights of use, I received some credentials for the film, an abbreviated list of principle cast members, writers, directors, and executive producers. I caught myself giggling, as I recognized several names, Macey Gray, Kevin Spacey…

Since I’m not allowed to disclose any further info at this time, and because I’m not entirely sure that Nina will make it into the final cut of the film, I’ll hold off on any further details. But here’s to a super exciting first blog post!

If I ever get to see the film and can confirm she’s there, I’ll be posting a Nina update!